this is officially my first blog ive ever made. therefore, bare with me while i tell you a little bit about myself. although nobody will probably ever read this, ive always wanted to have a blog and im finally doing it. so here is my life–
growing up i was always so concerned about what other people thought of me. i was so caught up in the idea that i had to look, act and be just like everyone else my age. i got teased every time i did actually dress, do or say something that truly expressed myself, therefore i got used to hiding who i was to fit society’s standards. i realized that, that wasnt the person i wanted to be. i realized that i was put on this earth for a reason, and that reason wasnt to just be like everyone else. therefore, the second i graduated i knew that this was my chance. i could start over and be who i want to be. i was starting a new chapter in my life, and this time i was going to be my own author. i knew i was going to be in charge of my own destiny. from that moment on, i have never been happier. i wake up.. do whatever I want, dress however I want and listen to whatever I want. i believe that the sooner people realize that, the sooner their will be generally more happier people. this was just a small portion of my life, and how ive been slowly turning into the person i want to be. but every day when i wake up, im more and more confident in myself and its the greatest feeling in the world.

so– if there is just one single person who is reading this, thank you. you’re giving me hope to keep doing this, and i hope to continue to read my  blog. and if nobody ever reads this beside me, that will be okay too because either way doing this is something i want to do, and im doing it & thats a lesson everyone needs to learn.

well, until next time- stay groovy,

explorationgypsy ❤



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